Liposuction has been a consistently valuable procedure for patients requesting smoothing of undesirable bulging, often seen under clothes. Liposuction is particularly powerful in controlling body contour in the following areas: abdomen, flanks, back rolls (posterior axillary, bra-line, and mid-back), anterior axillary fat pads (often most visible when wearing tank tops), and the inner thigh and outer thigh (saddlebag) areas. Improvements are most impressive in the beltline in men or women, smoothing and feminizing the curve of the back for women, and re-proportioning the bottom-heavy (or pear shape) for women. The overall reduction of the waistline in men contributes to a more masculine physique. For these body-shaping procedures, general anesthesia or anesthesia with sedation is recommended for the best patient experience.

For patients with the undesirable “double chin” or “jowls,” liposuction can result in remarkable improvement. This is most often done as an office procedure under local anesthesia.

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure with a comparatively easy recovery. Most patients are able to assume normal daily activities in one to two days postoperatively. Dr. Lindsey recommends a custom fit compression garment (which we supply to you) for the first 2 – 3 weeks postoperatively. This garment is fitted according to your preoperative measurements. After 3 weeks, most patients transition to a Spanx, Underarmour, or other lightweight, sheer compression garment.

Liposuction is not a method of weight control. A consultation with Dr. Lindsey is required to assess your goals and set realistic expectations. Liposuction affords consistent and predictable improvements, but typically results are not “sensational.” Among plastic surgery procedures, liposuction is the slowest to see final results, which may take up to 6 months. Liposuction is a comparatively low-risk surgery, and often it is combined with other procedures in order to obtain the overall best results. Liposuction is most frequently combined with breast reduction or augmentation, abdominoplasty, or gynecomastia excisions (in men).