Brazilian Buttock Lift

Our South-American colleagues have led the way on this relatively new concept of buttock enhancement. The classic buttock lift which involved a large incision across the buttock area or lower back with skin excess excision has given way to a better aesthetic ideal which involves filling and rounding of the buttock contours by fat grafting from other parts of the body. Typically liposuction is done around the torso (abdominal and flank areas), inner thighs and back (which improve contours there) followed by transfer of that liposuctioned fat to the buttock area. Our surgery center has the state-of-the-art Wells-Johnson equipment which is designed for this procedure. The goal is to rebalance and enhance the entire feminine torso.

Traditional buttock lifting still has a place, however, particularly in patients who have experienced massive weight loss. The placement of the incision is variable, and often centers around the preferences of the patient and the placement of previous incisions, such as that of an abdominoplasty.

Either surgery is considered major, however, the Brazilian Buttock Lift is less of a risk because the incisions are only small puncture wounds to allow liposuction and fat transfer. Both procedures require custom-fit compression garments for support during the healing phase, but with the Brazilian Buttock Lift, the buttock area is “cut out” so as not to crush the fat grafts. Protection of the buttock fat grafts is inconvenient in the postoperative period, as the patient should avoid sitting or lying on the buttock area for more than 20 minutes at a time. Early ambulation and mobilization are required in these as well as all body contouring procedures.