Plastic and Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. John Lindsey offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures. Whether a simple procedure or a procedure of high-level complexity, Dr. Lindsey will personally evaluate you, make recommendations and compare options. Dr. Lindsey believes in thorough education of his patients and will provide appropriate medical literature upon request. All plastic surgery is serious in nature and deserves the attention of the entire office team. Plastic surgery is a journey, and sometimes the journey is short, and sometimes long. Dr. Lindsey and his team are fully committed to seeing you through your journey and being available to you at all times both before and after surgery.

Some of the surgeries performed by Dr. Lindsey are done at Houma Outpatient Surgery Center (HOSC), a AAAHC Certified, Medicare certified, Louisiana State licensed ambulatory surgical facility dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive cosmetic surgery services in a modern environment. Completed in 2002, HOSC is a state-of-the-art facility. All anesthesia is supervised by a board-certified anesthesiologist.

 Dr. Lindsey also performs procedures at East Jefferson General Hospital (EJGH), a community owned hospital dedicated to providing the highest quality, compassionate healthcare to the people it serves. Through providing collaboration and continual improvement, EJGH is able to make comfort and care its highest mission.

Dr. Lindsey is skilled in both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures. Cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance, but reconstructive procedures may qualify for coverage. Browse through our list of plastic surgery procedures to learn more about each procedure.

If you are looking for a procedure that you do not see here, please give us a call at (504) 885-4508 to see if we can help.