John T. Lindsey

M.D., F.A.C.S.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Certified American Board of Plastic Surgery


Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is among the most consistently beneficial and satisfactory plastic surgery procedures.  It offers improved comfort, relief of back and shoulder pain, and often improved mobility.  It also offers the cosmetic benefit of a more youthful shape and lifted appearance.  The recovery from this outpatient surgery is fairly easy.  Most patients are back at work (in a non-manual vocation) in 1 to 2 weeks or less.  The standard incisions require an "anchor type" configuration, but sometimes for smaller reductions, the incisions can assume an inverted "T" or lollipop configuration.  Many breast reductions are covered on insurance, but this varies by policy, and policies vary as to requirements for coverage.  Our office will assist you in navigating these details and will help you with obtaining in-network coverage.

Dr. Lindsey will have to personally perform a physical examination and also take your history.  These clinical details are submitted to your insurance company to obtain preauthorization for surgery.  Sometimes supporting documentation is required by insurance companies, such as orthopedic or PCP notes documenting back pain, dermatology notes documenting refractory rashes, or notes from physical therapy documenting failed conservative care.  The surgery typically lasts 3 hours and is almost always outpatient.  For patients looking for a reduction to specifically meet their desires and goals, or for patients who have exclusions on their policies, the cosmetic reduction is an option.     

Please visit out photo gallery of before and after reduction mammoplasties to see if this might be the right surgery for you.